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Guest video shot of the year

Filmed during one of our regular Blackwater Dives in April 2019

Thank you Joseph for allowing us to put this here!

Two blanket octopuses spotted during a regular blackwater dive with us and our guides. This video was created by one of our dear guests (Joseph from Israel) while staying with us for a week (in April 2019). The footage was immediately picked up by USA Today and many other media outlets at the time.

A Tiny Micro World by Brook Peterson

If you think you have seen it all, then you might consider Romblon your next scuba diving destination.  This small island in the heart of the Philippines, has a resort and dive shop where the guides are trained to find the truly obscure, and find them they do!  This is a destination that not only has all the usual characters but includes a special cast that is unique, beautiful, and weird.  Romblon is ...

Blackwater Diving with Linda Ianniello

I dove there in 2019, staying at The Three P Resort. I was thrilled to learn that Peter, one of the “three Ps”, also loves black water dives and was happy to go out every night. Conditions were great for easy drift dives in the dark in the pass…. And the dive crew was excellent at providing a safe dive environment. The guides were also excellent at finding subjects. Here are my favorites from just five dives, so you can see ...

Benjamin’s Happy Places

In Lonos, between the two better known beaches of Bonbon and Tiamban, lies this absolute beach paradise. An absolute insider tip if one would like to have times of peace and simply only needs to relax or meditate under undisturbed circumstances. On both sides surrounded by rocks, you can only reach the beach at high tide by climbing over the rocks or wading through the water. But it is worth it, because once ...

Philippines’ Critter Capital

Even though this is probably more of a personal perspective than it is a story, I'm happy to share my thoughts with this absolutely fantastic community. So here it goes. First of all, I should probably admit that I wasn't a huge scuba diving enthusiast before coming to the Philippines. I really wasn't. This however changed dramatically ...

Three P | Romblon - Guest production of the month

February 2020

Nudibranches of Romblon

Footage filmed and edited by Daniel Windberg, on Romblon Island with The Three P.

Thank you for your submission, Daniel.


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Dive Into Romblon

by Andrey Ryanskiy and Kati Hachenberg

Third Edition

A free sample has been made available for our guest. See PDF download option below.

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Please take note that the end of the book entails pictures from our resort (taken in 2015) which do not reflect our much improved accommodation options. Feel free to check out our resort pages to learn more about our rooms and bungalows.

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A 2005 report (Carpenter 2005) suggests that the Philippines is not only part of the center but is, in fact, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, with the richest concentration of marine life on the entire planet.

Come visit us and see for yourself.