Scuba Diving in Romblon

Romblon is the perfect dive destination for fans of rare macro and super macro critters, underwater macro and super macro photographers but also divers, who enjoy scuba diving in untouched dive sites. Our dive spots in Romblon are highly diverse. From hard coral formations, soft coral gardens, caves and cliffs with large Gorgonias to sand/muck and colorful shallow water dive sites. In Romblon fans of rare marine life will have plenty to discover as the Philippines are one of the most diverse areas of marine biodiversity (Heart of the Coral Triangle and Biodiversity Hotspot). Romblon Island is also located at the end of the Verde Island Passage (also dubbed the center of center of marine biodiversity), which is known to be one of the richest areas when it comes to marine species. Divers can enjoy various underwater landscapes often without any other divers around and will find in Romblon a serene underwater haven.

Most dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience. We dive in small groups all year round, every day of the week (except Ati-Atihan/Biniray Festival, first or second Saturday in January). Water temperatures are usually between 26 °C and 30°C. The sight distance under water is usually at least 20 meters (65 feet).

Peter, the eldest of The Three P brothers, worked as a scuba diving instructor at Ducks Diving in Safaga, Egypt. Together with his two brothers Philipp and Patrick and Philipp’s wife Kati (all dive masters and critter specialists) they opened The Three P Beach Resort and Ducks Diving Romblon on Romblon Island in 2009.

Our dive center offers individual dive tour planning, boat trips to the coast and dive sites at the nearby islands, macro and super macro critter spotting, underwater photography assistance etc. Private guide/spotter and private boats are subject to availability.

Standards follow SDI/SSI and PADI guidelines. The nearest decompression chambers are located in Batangas, Cebu and Manila.

We are specialized on guiding/spotting for underwater macro and super macro photographers and can also assist in taking photos. We know the marine fauna and flora very well and can usually show our guests most critters on their wish lists. If you are looking for certain animals, you can contact us also at info@the-three-p.com Kati takes care of a data base of all marine species (sea slugs, crustaceans, fish etc.) found in Romblon.
Please have a look at Romblon – Weather and Climate for diving season, water temperature etc.

Our dive sites

Thanks to the surrounding ocean currents you can find in Romblon one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world. On vertical walls and colorful reefs you may encounter numerous sponges, corals and anemones together with fish, sea slugs, snails, crabs and numerous other reef inhabitants. There are walls, colorful reefs, caves, cliffs, canyons, muck and macro dive sites and much more to discover in Romblon. Usually you don’t meet other divers on all of our 40+ dive sites. Most dive sites have no to very little current.

Dive Sites Romblon Island
Dive Sites Logbon Island
Dive Sites Alad Island
Dive Sites Cobrador Island
Dive Sites Tablas Island
Dive Sites Sibuyan Island
Dive Sites Banton and Simara Island

Underwater (macro / super macro) photography

We offer special tours for underwater macro photographers and underwater super macro photographers. Our spotters are very experienced and can find a wide selection of critters including many rare and very rare species. Send us your critter wish list in advance so we can schedule your dives according to it.

Photo Gallery Diving in Romblon


Our dive center and resort are PCSSD (Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving) and DOT (Department of Tourism) accredited. Please visit divephilippines.com.ph and www.tourism.gov.ph for further information.



Our Compressors and tanks

We have more than 70 tanks in different sizes available. 12 liter and 15 liter tanks made of aluminum. All outlets are equipped with DIN connections, but we have enough adapters for regulators with INT (Yoke) connections, too. The tanks are filled by two Bauer and one Coltri compressors. All tanks and compressors are checked regularly.

Our Boats

We use three diving boats named Kaeline, Isobel and Noemi. They were constructed to meet the needs of the divers and UW photographers and bring them to all dive locations. Noemi is good for 4 to 5 divers. Isobel and Kaeline can each carry 8 to 10 divers. Guests do not have to carry their own gear and photo equipment as our crew is always around to assist.

Rental equipment

As most of our guests are experienced divers, who bring their own equipment, we only have a small number of rental equipment available. If you need rental equipment for your stay at our resort, please send us a list of items needed + size, so we can make sure we have everything you need.

Land tours / things to do in Romblon

There are a couple of options for days without diving including sightseeing, hiking, visiting beaches etc.

You can find a full list at Land Tours and Sightseeing – Things to do in Romblon Island