There are various travel options available to reach Romblon Island, and we’re delighted to assist you in choosing the most suitable one. Some options involve flights and land transportation, while others involve sea travel. Please note that not all options are available every day. Below, you’ll find detailed information to help you make the best decision for your Romblon trip.

  • Recommended: Flight to Tablas Airport

  • Recommended: Starlite Ferry with private cabins

  • Flight to Caticlan Airport

  • Starhorse Ferry transfer via Lucena

  • 2GO Travel via Odiongan (private cabins)

  • Starlite Ferry via San Agustin (private cabins)

Romblon Transfer Map


Below you find an overview to all available transfer options.

Recommended options: These are the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to reach our resort. We recommend these options because they have the shortest travel time, the most direct route, and the most convenient departure times. However, you may choose another option if the schedule of the recommended options does not match your travel dates or there is no suitable connection to your international flight. We are happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your travel needs.


Manila → Romblon on Tue, Thu, Sat

Romblon → Manila on Tue, Thu, Sat

1 hour flight time

  • Fastest transfer

  • up to 40 kg of luggage bookable

  • direct connection to Manila Airport

  • early flights provide many connecting flight options

  • only 3 flights per week

This option is a good alternative to the AirSwift flight (Tablas Airport). You can find all the details here:

AirSwift Flight


Manila → Romblon on Mon-Tue, Wed-Thu, Thu-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun

Romblon → Manila on Tue-Wed, Thu-Fri, Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon

overnight trip

  • Private Cabins/VIP Rooms available

  • up to 75 kg of luggage included in the ticket

  • diver friendly (max. no. of dives possible)

  • smooth and easy travelling, sleep while traveling

  • takes longer than a domestic flight

This is a convenient sea travel option as Starlite offers private cabins with private bathrooms, allowing for a good night’s rest. You can bring up to 75kg of luggage:

Starlite Ferry


Manila → Romblon via Caticlan daily

Romblon → Manila via Caticlan daily

1 hour flight time, many flights available

  • Numerous flights available

  • up to 40 kg of luggage bookable

  • direct connection to Manila Airport

  • longer transfer time compared to Tablas Airport

Transfer Caticlan Airport

This is the fastest option from Manila to our resort: 1 hour of flight + 2 hours of transfer. You can pre-book up to 40kg of luggage:

AirSwift Flight


Manila → Romblon via Lucena daily

Romblon → Manila via Lucenadaily

overnight trip

  • diver friendly (max. no. of dives possible)

  • Cheap transfer option

  • No private rooms available, only dormitory

  • Longer transfer time compared to Starlite Ferry

Transfer Starhorse via Lucena

This alternative option is suitable for you if you are comfortable sharing the sleeping area with other travelers. There are daily trips available:

Starhorse Ferry

We are currently updating the other transfers. The following will be available in the next days:

→ 2GO Travel transfer via Odiongan

→ Starlite Ferry via San Agustin