Authors: Liang Fu, Weiwei Zeng
Photos: Liang Fu
Magazine: Scubashooters.net
Issue: Online
Published in: October 2020
Medium: Blog/Online-Article
Country: International

Liang Fu and Weiwei Zeng have stayed with us many times over extended periods of time. They are amazing underwater macro photography specialists, fantastic human beings and close friends of the family.

This 12-page cover-story was published online in October of 2020 on the website Scubashooters. Liang and Weiwei also contributed their material when we were assembling content for our own blog. So we had the pleasure of rejoicing over their work a couple of weeks earlier.

Nevertheless, the article is a great piece and we feel honored by Liang’ and Weiwei’s work. As with all images on this site, every picture has been taken while diving with us in the waters around Romblon Island.

Thank you Scubashooters, Liang and Weiwei!