Project Description

Tiger Butterfly Seaslug (Cyerce nigra)

This species of butterfly sea slug is highlighted in our company logo and stands for the special marine fauna of Romblon Island. Cyerce nigra is well-known for its cerata that resemble overlapping leaves or a ruffled ball gown. The dorsal surface features alternating black and white/yellow stripes while the ventral surface has orange or yellow spots on a black background. Both sides have an orange or yellow edge with two faint black and white lines. On its head are forked receptors that are hollow halfway through and have the same striking colors, but with a different pattern. This is one of the most popular critters of underwater macro photographers and can regularly be seen when diving with our guides.
  • species: Cyerce nigra (Tiger Butterfly Seaslug)

  • family: Caliphyllidae

  • clade: Sacoglossa

  • class: Gastropoda

  • photographer: Liang Fu

  • location: Romblon Island

  • clade: abc

  • clade: pqx

  • clade: xyz

  • clade: 123

  • clade: 456

  • clade: 789