• Location: Romblon Island

  • Depth: shallow / medium depth

  • Cover Photo: Carl-Johan Nilsson

  • Scientific Name: Tomiyamichthys emilyae, Allen, Erdmann & Utama, 2019

The Magnificent Shrimp Goby (Tomiyamichthys emilyae) is one of the underwater photographers’ favorite subjects because of its large sail-like colorful and spotted dorsal fin and it is also often accompanied by Randall’s pistol shrimp. These gobies mostly live on rubble and sand bottoms. The name Tomiyamichthys emilyae was given to honor the Canadian underwater photographer Emily Irving, who is a dedicated supporter of marine life conservation and has helped the authors on numerous ichthyological expeditions. The species can be found in locations of the western Pacific Ocean including Romblon Island and other areas in the Philippines.