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The Three P Restaurant – Menu

We only offer a small selection of dishes on our menu, but you can experience an wide range of Filipino and international dishes when booking our daily changing set meals (half or full board). Prices valid until September 30th 2014 (Prices effective October 1st 2014 upon request).
Subject to alteration of prices.

Lunch & Dinner
Frutti di mare (grilled seafood, seasonal salad) Ph260€4.89$5.77
Bratwurst (pan-fried sausage), French fries, salad Ph200€3.76$4.44
Currywurst (pan-fried sausage with curry dip), French fries, seasonal salad Ph200€3.76$4.44
The Three P Burger, French fries Ph210€3.95$4.66
Chicken drumsticks, rice or French fries, seasonal salad Ph230€4.32$5.11
Breaded Fish filet, rice or French fries, seasonal salad Ph230€4.32$5.11
Spaghetti Bolognese Ph185€3.48$4.11
Spaghetti al oglio Ph185€3.48$4.11
Spaghetti Pomodoro Ph185€3.48$4.11
Pulutan & Side Orders
Classis Burger (ground meat patty, salad, cheese) Ph140€2.63$3.11
Seasonal salad Ph70€1.32$1.55
French fries Ph130€2.44$2.89
Fried rice with Tocino or fried eggs Ph100€1.88$2.22
Pancit, Filipino style fried noodles Ph60€1.13$1.33
Peanut butter sandwich Ph50€0.94$1.11
Tuna sandwich Ph90€1.69$2.00
Cheese sandwich Ph70€1.32$1.55
Pizza Morsel (roasted bread with tuna, tomatoes, onions and cheese) Ph40€0.75$0.89
Garlic bread Ph30€0.56$0.67
extra bread Ph15€0.28$0.33
extra steamed rice or fried rice Ph50€0.94$1.11
Homemade garlic dip Ph40€0.75$0.89
Ketchup or Mayonnaise Ph10€0.19$0.22
Beef & Noodles Ph60€1.13$1.33
Chicken & Noodles Ph60€1.13$1.33
Mushroom Cream Ph70€1.32$1.55
Halo-Halo (classic Filipino dessert) Ph100€1.88$2.22
Ice Cream Ph50€0.94$1.11
Seasonal Fruits Ph100€1.88$2.22
Filipino Breakfast (rice, tocino or grilled fish, scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee or tea) Ph160€3.01$3.55
Continental Breakfast (bread, eggs, bacon or cheese, jam, butter, fruits, coffee or tea) Ph200€3.76$4.44
Pancakes Ph100€1.88$2.22
Bowl of cereals Ph100€1.88$2.22
Mixed seasonal fruits Ph100€1.88$2.22
Two eggs (boiled, fried or scrambled) Ph30€0.56$0.67
Tocino (marinated pork) Ph60€1.13$1.33
extra bacon Ph70€1.32$1.55
extra cheese Ph40€0.75$0.89
extra cheese Ph40€0.75$0.89
extra homemade bread Ph40€0.75$0.89
Non-alcoholic Beverages
Coca Cola, Sprite (glass) Ph30€0.56$0.67
Coca Cola, Sprite (bottle, 1.5 liter) Ph100€1.88$2.22
Mineral Water (bottle, 1 liter) Ph40€0.75$0.89
Four Seasons, Pineapple or Mango Juice Ph50€0.94$1.11
Kalamansi Juice Ph40€0.75$0.89
Iced Tea (glass) Ph35€0.66$0.78
Iced Tea (pitcher, 1 liter) Ph80€1.50$1.78
Chocolate shake Ph90€1.69$2.00
Banana shake Ph90€1.69$2.00
Mango shake Ph90€1.69$2.00
Hot Beverages
Fresh brewed coffee Ph25€0.47$0.56
Nescafe 3 in 1 Ph25€0.47$0.56
Hot Milo (hot chocolate) Ph40€0.75$0.89
Black Tea, Green Tea Ph30€0.56$0.67
Kalamansi Tea Ph45€0.85$1.00
San Miguel Pale Pilsen (SMB) Ph40€0.75$0.89
San Miguel Light (SML) Ph45€0.85$1.00
San Miguel Cerveza negra Ph50€0.94$1.11
San Miguel Red Horse Ph45€0.85$1.00
Homemade Laputi liqueur Ph30€0.56$0.67
Tanduay Dark Rum (5 years old) Ph30€0.56$0.67
Tanduay Superior Rum (12 years old) Ph50€0.94$1.11
Tanduay Rum 1854 (15 years old) Ph65€1.22$1.44
Gilbey’s Gin Ph50€0.94$1.11
Tequila White Ph50€0.94$1.11
Tequila Gold Ph60€1.13$1.33
Original Brandy from Jerez, Spain Ph60€1.13$1.33
Generoso (Philippine Brandy) Ph35€0.66$0.78
Gilbey’s Vodka Ph50€0.94$1.11
Whisky & Cola Ph90€1.69$2.00
Rum & Coke Ph60€1.13$1.33
Rum & Pineapple Ph80€1.50$1.78
Tequila & Sprite Ph80€1.50$1.78
Vodka & Iced Tea Ph80€1.50$1.78
Californian or Spanish Red Wine, glass Ph200€3.76$4.44
Californian or Spanish White Wine, glass Ph200€3.76$4.44
Californian or Spanish Red Wine, bottle Ph500€9.40$11.10
Californian or Spanish White Wine, bottle Ph500€9.40$11.10
Homemade Laputi liqueur, 750 ml Ph300€5.64$6.66
Tanduay Dark Rum, 750 ml (5 years old) Ph260€4.89$5.77
Gilbey’s Gin, 700 ml Ph400€7.52$8.88
Original Brandy from Jerez, Spain, 700 ml Ph600€11.28$13.32
Generoso, 700 ml (Philippine Brandy) Ph300€5.64$6.66
Vodka Ice, refreshing mix with vodka and Kalamansi juice Ph100€1.88$2.22
Cuba Libre, Cuba’s favorite drink with rum, coke and Kalamansi juice Ph100€1.88$2.22
Banana Daiquiri, an icy fruit cocktail Ph150€2.82$3.33
Mango Daiquiri, an icy fruit cocktail Ph150€2.82$3.33
Caipiromblon, a cooling mix of Kalamansi and different kinds of rum Ph120€2.26$2.66
Long Island Ice Tea, classic cooling cocktail Ph150€2.82$3.33
Hurricane, a fruity mix of rum and fruit juices Ph150€2.82$3.33
extra bacon Ph70€1.32$1.55
Tequila Sunrise, a refreshing cocktail with tequila, fruit juices and Kalamansi Ph150€2.82$3.33
Zombie, a strong cocktail with different types of rum and fruit juices Ph200€3.76$4.44
The Three P Special, a creamy surprise Ph170€3.20$3.77