• Location: Romblon Island

  • Depth: medium depth / deeper water

  • Cover Photo: Michael Höhl

  • Scientific Name: Hippocampus denise, Lourie & Randall, 2003

Denise’s pygmy seahorse is a beautiful fish species. It is also called Yellow Pygmy Seahorse – although it can be found in several colors in Romblon, like apricot, yellow, rose, red and red with white marks (nicknamed Santa Claus Pygmy Seahorse). It can live on different types of Gorgonian fan coral species, unlike a Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, which always lives on the same species of Gorgonia. Hippocampus denise gets its ultimate color and body texture after finally choosing its sea fan to spend its whole adult life on. Denise’s pygmy seahorse can reach a maximum length of approximately 2.4 cm.
Just like the Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse, Denise’s Pygmy Seahorses are very fragile and sensitive to light. Please take special caution when taking photos of this tiny fish.