Welcome to The Three P Beach Resort and Ducks Diving Romblon!
You want to see new or unusual critters? Romblon might be the perfect destination for you. Our experienced macro and super macro spotters will show you everything Romblon’s underwater world has to offer.

Romblon Province is located at the end of the Verde Island Passage between Luzon and the Visayan Islands – not only at the geographical center of the Philippines but also at the “center of center of biodiversity”. Romblon Island is not bigger than 50 square kilometers and famous for its authentic charm and the friendly people you find here. Until now only a few divers found their way to Romblon Island. But most of them will come back again…


Blackwater Diving at the Romblon Pass

join our Blackwater tours and discover unique pelagic critters: Blackwater Diving

Super Macro World Romblon Island © Nannette Van Antwerp

Thank you so much Nannette and Bill Van Antwerp!
Big thanks also to Mike Bartick for organizing the trip!


New air-conditioned Deluxe Rooms available

Beside our 3 Ocean Front Cottage we can now offer 6 spacious AC rooms to our guests.

“Plonger dans un autre monde aux Philippines” by Corinne Bourbeillon
Wonderful travel blog featuring macro photography in Romblon and Anilao  (April 2017)


Photo of a “Tiger Butterfly”, Cyerce nigra by Corinne Bourbeillon

Jerome Kim’s article “Rare Critters of Romblon, Philippines” featuring The Three P was published at www.divephotoguide.com (April 2017)


Photo of Ponothi Pygmy Seahorses by Jerome Kim

1st Underwater Dream Tour visiting The Three P Beach Resort in Romblon (July 2016)

Video by Nu Parnupong Photography (www.nuparnupong.com)

Photo of a Fireworm by Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee

Romblon was chosen to be one out of 6 top dive destinations in the Philippines. Thank you so much Jerome Kim, Enzo Chen, Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee and Nu Parnupong!

Philippine Airlines highlights Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan in their latest video (August 2016)

The Three P Resort was featured again in EZDIVE magazine (September 2016)

Thank you EZDIVE magazine! Very interesting article about the 1st Underwater Dream Tour and rare critters in Romblon.

1st Super Macro Workshop by Jerome Kim at The Three P Beach Resort (March 2016)

4 days of workshop and diving are over. Thanks for the great time Jerome Kim, Yorko Summer, Nelson Liu and all participants! Thank you for this wonderful video Nelson Liu, Fun-Dive  UW Equipment (Shanghai)!

Thank you for the photo collage Ada Lai 🙂 !

Get your copy of the next EZDIVE Magazine – special report Romblon Island (August 2015)

Don’t miss the 10-page long feature about Romblon (EZDIVE magazine 7/8 2015, V. 55), photos and story by Jerome Kim.

Dive into Romblon – E-book about scuba diving in Romblon by Andrey Ryanskiy and Kati Hachenberg (July 2015)

A wonderful e-book featuring Romblon dive sites and rare critters. A free download is available for IPad/IPhone. The Android version will follow soon.

Download Dive into Romblon at ITunes

We found it!!! Melibe colemani in Romblon (May 2015)

After years of searching we finally found Melibe colemani (The Holy Grail of nudibranchs) in Romblon. Visit us to see the elusive Phantom nudibranch. Photo © Jerome Kim

Romblon Island in Scuba Diver Magazine, Korea (March 2015)

The Korean dive magazine “Scuba Diver” published a 10-page article about Romblon Island and The Three P Beach Resort. The magazine can also be downloaded as PDF:



Free Wifi is now available in the main building.

Kurt Ochsner’s Romblon photo collection (March 2015)

Kurt Ochsner, who visited Romblon Island in March 2015, shares his wonderful photos on his website “Underwaterpics.ch”:


The Three P and Ducks Diving at Boot 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Visit us at the world’s biggest water sports fair – Boot 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany. You can find us in exhibition hall 3, booth B50. Kati is there to answer all your questions.

Carl-Johan Nilsson’s article “NuDiversity Haven at Romblon” in UWMP eNews Issue 23 2014 (Seite 58), Underwater Macro Photographers

A very interesting text on rare critters in Romblon Island (macro and super macro):



Frank Spies – Romblon photo collection (May 2014)

On Frank Spies’ website “Natur-Unterwasser.de” you can find photos of many rare critters and Romblon Island life:


The Three P and Ducks Diving at Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine

This article was published in the inflight magazine of Philippine Airlines (Mabuhay Magazine, December 2013 Issue, page 54-55). On your flight to 31 international and 29 domestic destinations you can read all about “Romblon’s Underwater Gems” by Jun V Lao. Thanks so much Jun! Thank you very much Mabuhay Magazine!

Rare Pygmy Seahorses found in Romblon

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We found rare Pygmy Seahorses in Romblon! Beside Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse and Denise Pygmy Seahorse we also have two other rare species here in Romblon: Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse and Severnsi Pygmy Seahorse. Another Highlight is the “Lembeh Seadragon”, which is known from Lembeh, Indonesia (not a real seahorse, but close related):
Hippocampus pontohi (Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse)
Hippocampus severnsi (Severnsi Pygmy Seahorse)
Hippocampus denise (Denise Pygmy Seahorse)
Hippocampus bargibanti (Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse)
Kyonemichthys rumengani (Lembeh Pipedragon)


Kurt Ochsner’s video of macro highlights in Romblon Island (March 2015).

Jun V Lao’s video Romblon “Dive Romblon with The Three P & Ducks Diving” (March 2012).