Dive Sites at Logbon Island

Logbon Island is known for the remains of the Dogo Maru shipwreck and some unique dive sites. There are also some interesting underwater landscape formations here like canyons, walls and an arch where you can dive through.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Logbon Marine Sanctuary

This dive site is characterized by extensive coral areas and some large blocks. This dive site is not only suitable for scuba diving but also for snorkeling and swimming.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Logbon Coral Canyon

Here you can find an unusual underwater landscape. There are mountains, valleys and ridges, which are densely covered in a variety of corals and sponges. This underwater landscape is a habitat for many marine species.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Logbon Broken House

While diving along a wall and a steep slope with lots of coral blocks you can find various frogfish and scorpionfish species, numerous nudibranchs, cowries and other gastropods as well as the elegant mushroom coral pipefish and pygmy seahorses.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Japanese wreck “Dogo Maru”

The remains of this Japanese wreck (Dogo Maru, sunken in 1944) can be found at a depth of 30 to 40 meters. There can still be a lot of historic artifacts seen and a big swarm of Batfish sometimes accompanies the divers.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Tobias Corner

At this shallow dive site you can see beautiful coral formations teeming with marine life. This spot is perfect for underwater photographer as a lot of sun light can reach the colorful corals.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Mangroves

This muck dive site is a great spot for macro photographers as you can find some rare sea slugs (Cyerce spp., Stiliger spp., Costasiella spp., Aegires spp. etc.) and some colorful crustaceans here.

Dive sites at Logbon Island – Sasaigan Point

Highlights of this reef dive site are Ornate and Robust ghostpipefish, Mandarinfish, Blue Ring Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Broadclub cuttlefish as well as nudibranchs and crustaceans and colorful flatworms.

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