Dive Sites at Tablas Island

Some of the most beautiful dive sites of Tablas can be find at the northern tip of the island. You can dive along vertical walls and discover caves like the Blue Hole.

Dive sites at Tablas Island – Das Blue Hole

This is the most famous dive site in the province of Romblon. It is a vertical chimney of about 8 meters in diameter. At a depth of 5 to 7 meters you descend to a depth of approximately 27 to 32 meters, where you find a large opening to the reef. At the bottom of the cave, there are cracks where hundreds of Durban dancing shrimps and large lobster can be found. Below the opening to the reef there are small caves where sometimes sharks are hiding.

Dive sites at Tablas Island Origon Rocks

Origon Rocks is distinguished by a unique underwater landscape of giant table corals. Here you can encounter leopard triggerfish, nudibranchs, cephalopods, crustaceans and many fish species. This site offers many wonderful photo opportunities. This dive site is not only suitable for scuba diving but also for snorkeling.

Dive sites at Tablas Island Cavayan Cave

An interesting cave at 2o meters depth. A tunnel connects Cavayan Cave to another cave.

Dive sites at Tablas Island Peter’s Pinnacles

This dive site is located off the north coast of the Island of Tablas. At a depth of about 15 meters there are three pillars, which rise from the depths. Due to the exposed position you can find big fish, eagle rays, sharks and manta rays. Also many smaller fish species can be observed.

Dive sites at Tablas Island – Guindauahan Island

Located around the small island is a diverse coral reef with an exciting topography. Here you can find reef fish and nudibranchs and also sea snakes, turtles and crustaceans.

Dive sites at Tablas Island – Gorda Wall

This large cliff near the Blue Hole impresses with its colorful vegetation of sea fans, sponges and soft corals. Sometimes large curious fish, such as big eye trevally and rainbow runners, come close to the divers.

Dive sites at Tablas Island – Carmen‘s Cliff

This spot is located next to a rocky island. Here you can find many interesting marine species at a cliff with magnificent vegetation. Not only big fish can be found, but also swarms, sharks, manta rays and eagle rays. This spot is not only suitable for scuba diving but also for swimming and snorkeling.

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